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Company Certifications    
The Blue Book Character Award from the Blue Book Produce Reporter    

V.B. Hook & Co., Inc. has the best possible ratings in the produce industry business reporting agencies including the Blue Book highest rating of "XXXX" . The Blue Book Service is part of the Produce Reporter Company, a company that reports on produce companies throughout the United States, and rates on their business and payment practices. V.B. Hook & Co., Inc. has been a member since 1951 and has the Blue Book Merit Badge of Honor.  We are rated Excellent for Moral Responsibility, and we are also rated as paying invoices within seven days.


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Red Book Credit Services Four Star Credit Award    

We also have the highest "Four Star" rating from The Red Book. The Red Book award is from Red Book Credit Services, a marketing and credit service for the produce industry suppliers since 1925. V.B. Hook & Co., Inc. has the Red Book’s Business Character Award, which is awarded to members that establish and maintain a reputation of high ethical trading practices, business competence and financial stability. To receive this award a company must demonstrate considerable industry knowledge and have a pattern of reputable operations. This pattern is established by trade reports received through detailed Credit Inquiries and Trade Experience Reports received by the Red Book from other produce companies throughout the nation.


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Primus Labs Global Audit Certificate    

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