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V.B. Hook & Company is a wholesale produce distributor for the Southeast, USA. We offer a complete line of fresh fruits and vegetables, sugar cured country ham, hoop cheese, jams, relish, and nuts. We have a large variety of farm produce year round, with delivery options available for the southeastern states. We have Primus Labs Certification and we are packing house certified. Our customers include foodservice distributors, other wholesale produce suppliers, restaurants, grocery stores, road-side markets, and anyone who wants the best fresh produce available. We are located in the South Carolina State Farmers Market in the Columbia, SC area. To enter our produce website, please click on the yellow icon above and to the left.
V.B. Hook Vacuum Cooling Company provides farm produce pre-cooling services to growers and packers. Our vacuum cooling equipment and our hydro-cooler systems are diesel powered, therefore portable and can be brought to your field or packing shed. Contact us to find out more about leasing our vacuum coolers or hydro-coolers for pre-cooling lettuce or other vegetables. For more information, enter the vacuum cooling website by clicking the blue icon above and to the right.